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Photo Contest: “Peace through Democracy”


As part of its project “Peace through Democracy”, ECYON is organising an international photo contest for youth workers, volunteers and young activists from Armenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Moldova, and Turkey. Click HERE to see the summary of the project.

Deadline for applications:

10 October 2017 14 October 2017


The winner from each country will be invited to participate in a 7-day international training course on democracy under the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission. The training course will take place in Istanbul, Turkey between 16 and 24 December 2017, with the participation of 31 youth workers/young volunteers from 8 countries. All costs (travel, accommodation and food) will be covered by the host organisation.


Applicants must be resident in one of the above-mentioned countries. Since the prize will be participation in an international training course (working language English), applicants are expected to have a good knowledge of English and be motivated to learn about and take action on the topic of the project.

Note: Applicants should consider that EVS volunteers and Erasmus students (during the period of the training course) are not eligible to participate in this training course.

What is “Peace through Democracy”?

The photos are expected to be related to the concept “Peace through Democracy”, which is described under the project as follows:

“Democracy is one of the fundamental values of Europe. The success of the European integration depends largely on its ability to sustain and promote its democratic values such as equality, respect for human rights, pluralism, and multiculturalism. An efficient, inclusive and dynamic model of democracy is needed for ensuring social cohesion and effective governance within Europe. And this absolutely requires active citizens that have internalized those democratic values that facilitate the process leading to (and securing) peace. This process is what we mean by Peace through Democracy.”

How to apply

Send your photo(s) (a maximum of 2 photos per applicant) to democracy@ecyon.org. The applicants must submit only the photos that were taken by them. Black and white photographs and photographs with minor adjustments are acceptable; these include cropping, minor burning, dodging, contrast and other colour correction.

In the email:

– Provide a brief explanation of the idea behind your photo (maximum 80 words)

– Explain any previous experience (not compulsory) that you may have in relation to the topic (including whether you have taken part in any Erasmus+ project; your academic background, if relevant; any involvement in activism, civil society, politics, etc.) (maximum 100 words)

– Explain what motivates you to participate in this training course (maximum 100 words)

In the subject line of your e-mail, write “Photo Competition – [Your Country] – [Your Name and Surname]”.

The selection process

There will be one winner from each of the above countries (except Greece, from which there will be 2 winners for the two Greek partners of the project). A selection committee will be created to evaluate and score each of the applications. The committee will include one representative from each project partner organisation. In its assessment, the committee will take into consideration the creativity and relevance of the photo, and the motivation and suitability of the candidate.

You can direct any questions you have to democracy@ecyon.org. The results of the contest will be announced at www.ecyon.org on 18 October.

Don’t forget! The deadline for submissions is 10 October 14 October!

The project team wishes you every success.

In peace!


View from the activity venue, Family Hotel: http://www.otelfamily.com/en/index.php