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Winning Photos – PICIRD Photo Competition


By Stylianos Gavriilidis, Greece
Description: Both pictures that were merged in order to create the final photo were taken by me during my first training course in UK to ASHA Centre which was about ”Faiths of the World: Perspectives from Islam”.
The meaning of the photo is: ”Although there are many religions and cultures in the world, it is in the nature of people to develop relations among them and the link for that is the respect and solidarity for the religious diversity and that’s why I used a photo that depicts symbols from various religions and people with different cultures”.




By Lisiana Demiraj, Albania
Description: I made this photo to catch and freeze forever the image of a long-lasting memory and experience. Ukraine, Bangladesh, Tunisia, Morocco, Kyrgyzstan, Bahrain, Pakistan are the nationalities of this composition. We gathered in Azerbaijan, coming by different backgrounds, to share with each other more than poetry on the International Forum of young poetesses. We initiated a very constructive intercultural and interreligious dialogue between young women by talking for days about our different perspectives, views, home countries and created a network.




By Zeljko Sovic, Croatia
Description: The photo presents window reflection at the door surface. We can imagine that behind the door is a (class)room where we can learn various skills. As the symbol of choice, the door encourage us to choose between going to another side or staying where we are. On the stairs is a woman silouette going upstairs, metaphorically “to another, higher level”. Woman silouette can belong to any religion and nationality so she represents mankind and it’s common goal. To climb… To grow…




By Viktoriia Volosnyk, Ukraine
Description: Intercultural dialogue between China and Ukraine. Between the children and adult. Between your inner world and worlds of others people. Between feelings and brain. Between paints and paper.
In this project children can share thoughts, dreams and find their own path to the future. Without words. Through art-therapeutic process, where each thought is important and honorable. “Arts can do” – international social project in Shanghai in ACAF with children of migrant workers.




By Denada Dosti, Turkey
Description: This picture was captured during one trip in Bosnia, in Srebrenica. This view impressed me because of its interreligious nature: a Jew sitting and reading Torah in the Muslim cemetery. And a Muslim women with hijab passing thereby. Bosnia is well known for the harmony between the three religions (Islam, Judaism, Christianity).



By Jolanta Zalpyte, Germany
Description: Et’hem Bey Mosque in Tirana, Albania.
Albania is an open-minded and interreligious country. Even though the country faces many challenges after a tough history, the religious tolerance is exemplary. Religious celebrations are often being held together. Cross-religion marriages are popular. The glass front of the mosque and the openly celebrated mess on the main square in Tirana reflects the openness of mind in religious matters.



By Simion Strugar, Romania
Description: Building bridges between people and trampling on old networks.
Photo into an Erasmus+ program: A touch of sLOVEnia, aug. 2015.