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This project was organised by the organisation “Youth Alliance via Networking”, which held a training course under the project in Yerevan, Armenia between 16 and 24 July 2016. ECYON was one of the partners of this project, with active contributions in every stage including a photo competition that was organised before the main activity. Below is a short description of the project.


Project summary: The project “Power of Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue” is based on the idea that there is a need for more mutual understanding between different cultural and religious groups within Europe. We consider youth work and non-formal education as one of the strongest tools to contribute to the fulfilment of this need. Within this context, we are going to organize a 7-day training course in Yerevan, Armenia between 16 and 24 July 2016.

Learning the art of dialogue is both a personal and social process. Developing one’s skills and capacity for dialogue requires willingness to be open-minded while retaining one’s critical judgment. This can be achieved through non-formal learning which is the most important element in youth work. This project will be also an opportunity to create a network for future cooperation and exchange of good practices related to the topic. Our vision is high quality youth work. Therefore networking and sharing is needed.

Considering the facts and needs mentioned above, objectives of this training course are to:

– Make the concept of cultural and religious diversity better understood by exploring the situation at national levels

– Use non-formal education in order to raise awareness about cultural and religious differences, current political situation, movements and events

– Provide youth workers, trainers, volunteers etc. with tools and methods that can be applied in their work with young people with different religious backgrounds

– Debate on reasons why young people from Europe join extremist groups

– Discuss the role of media in building public image and perception of religion, with a focus on Islam

– Encourage and support networking among participating organisation


Partner organizations: The project will be hosted by Youth Alliance via Networking (YAN) based in Armenia. The partner organizations will be:

– Youth Center Perspektiva (Albania)

– Mladiinfo Croatia

– Grosse Kreisstadt Öhringen (Germany)

– Youthfully Yours (Greece)

– Asociatia GEYC (Romania)

– ECYON (Turkey)

– Kharkiv association for active youth “Stella” (Ukraine)