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This is the second project of our network and it is also a training course funded under the Erasmus+ Programme. The training took place in Ankara, Turkey between 18-26 April 2015.

With this project, we discovered and demonstrated the power of non-formal education in reaching our objectives, ranging from training young people on human rights to contributing to intercultural dialogue through intercultural learning. In the meanwhile, we enlarged the ECYON family with the new partners.

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The project “European Cooperative Youth Network for Non-Formal Education” was a seven-day training course for youth leaders and youth workers involved in non-formal education. It brought together 25 participants from 7 countries: Croatia, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Romania, Georgia and Turkey. Activities of this project were based on non-formal education methodology and a participatory learning approach.

Aim of this project was to exchange good practices and to develop common tools, instruments and strategies to increase the transparency and quality of youth work and non-formal education. To reach that aim, we discussed the topics of validation and recognition of non-formal education and youth work, quality, and the role of youth work and non-formal education in youth empowerment. Participants had space to share good practices and methods, reflect on their own qualities which they bring into their work, research the past and try to predict future of non-formal education and youth work.

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The objectives of this event were:

  • Making the concept of youth work and non-formal education better understood
  • Exploring the meaning, relevance and benefits of non-formal education in youth work
  • Providing participants with educational support and open space for exploring and sharing different methods, activities and tools of non-formal education
  • Raising the debate on current situation and challenges related to validation and recognition of youth work and non-formal education and what should be done in the future (national/European level)
  • Exploring the quality framework of non-formal education (quality assurance cycle, quality indicators, quality profile of trainers, etc.) and training the participants to apply it and raise the quality of future projects
  • Looking for future cooperation opportunities, enlarging and improving the European Cooperative Youth Network.



Renaissance Institute (Turkey)

Mladiinfo Croatia

OneEurope (Germany)

EURO-NET (Italy)

Inceptus (Lithuania)

CREED (Romania)

Association ATINATI (Georgia)

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