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Summary of the project:

This training course and contact-making event was organized in Istanbul, Turkey between 17 and 25 January 2015.

The project was motivated by the increasing need to combat against the growing problem of human rights violations on the Internet, which are usually in the form of “hate speech”. Based on the idea that the use of human rights education is one of the most efficient ways in such a combat, the project aimed to raise the awareness of youth workers about the importance of this issue and equip them with necessary competencies to combat all forms of hate speech online through non-formal education.

For this purpose, this event brought together 24 youth workers in a training course to be organized in Istanbul, Turkey. The participating youth workers from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Romania and Turkey were engaged in an interactive learning environment through a participatory learning approach.


As a result of this gathering of youth organizations and young people from different parts of Europe, this event served as a starting point for the creation of our “European Cooperative Youth Network”, which is now a family of youth organizations and youth workers that cooperate for better ideas and practices in the areas of human rights and intercultural learning.


A photo from the “ECYONers”: We say “No” to hate!


 Partner organizations:

  • European Cooperative Youth Network (ECYON) – TURKEY
  • Georgian School Students Unions Alliance (GSSUA) – GEORGIA
  • Group of the European Youth for Change (GEYC) – ROMANIA
  • National Assembly of Youth Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan (NAYORA) – AZERBAIJAN
  • National Youth Forum Bulgaria (NYF Bulgaria) – BULGARIA
  • Public Information and Need of Knowledge (PINK Armenia) – ARMENIA
  • Synergy Croatia (SYNCRO) – CROATIA

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