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“Freedom of Expression: the Right or the Duty?” & “Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue in a Globalised World”

“Freedom of Expression: the Right or the Duty?” and “Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue in a Globalised World”, two youth mobility projects funded under the Erasmus+  programme of the European Union, were implemented in Leicester, UK by the Global Hands in cooperation with ECYON. Two training courses took place under these projects in March and May 2018, respectively. Each training course brought together more than 25 young activists / youth workers from across Europe. The contents of the training courses were similar to two previous training courses that were organised under two previous ECYON projects, which further deepened the ECYON team’s expertise in these topics.

The projects also strengthened ECYON’s network and cooperation capacity, especially thanks to the closer cooperation with Global Hands, which benefited significantly from the two projects especially with regard to its increased capacity in managing Erasmus+ projects. A strong connection was also established with the participants of both training courses, who evaluated the training courses as very successful.