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Results of the “Peace through Democracy” Photo Contest

The winners of the photo contest, who are awarded with participation in a one-week training course on democracy in Istanbul, Turkey, have been determined. The following applicants were collectively selected by the selection committee: Johny Kondakjian, Armenia; Jerko Škaro, Croatia; Bofiliou Areti, Greece; Danai Papagiannopoulou, Greece; Nutsa Aivazashvili, Georgia; Mara Molinaro, Italy; Romanov Victoria, Moldova; Denada Dosti, Turkey

To see the photos with the highest scores, go to our Facebook album by clicking here.

To see the announcement of the call for photos, click here.

Below are some of the impressive photos:

johny kondakjian1

By Johny Kondakjian, Armenia – “Taken in Lebanon, on its borders with Syria. The children live under miserable conditions in these settlements, which are clusters of tents made with whatever materials their families could find. It really makes me sad and I ask myself what these children did to be the first victims of war and politics.

By Jerko Škaro, Croatia – “I intented to describe the peace and democracy through the street and the buildings (2 walls) as political views in the world (such as the terms “left wing” and “right wing”) and the variety of social issues and their cooperation through multiculturalism and respect for human rights because I think that peace should bring one path for everyone.”



By Mara Molinaro, Italy – “The country or the nation does not matter. Peace is a goal that should be achieved everywhere.”



IMG_0647 copy - Copy

By Johny Kondakjian, Armenia – “Taken in Beirut, Lebanon. It really shows the meaning of the democracy and peace. This church so close to a mosque symbolizes living in peace and accepting others after many years of civil war from 1975 till 1990 after which noone won; on the contrary they destroyed everything and it took too much time to build again the peace and trust between the people. That is why we can say we will lose the peace when we lose the democracy.”